Monday, February 1, 2010

Good weekend... Long post

Our was weekend was nice... well, I should clarify, mine & Roman's was nice- Anthon took the boy scouts in out ward on an overnight, backpacking trip, that was said to be about 10 miles but ended up being more like 15; his knee gave out with about 2 miles left to go, so he said he litterally "gimped" to his truck :( ... I'm just thankful his sugars were ok being gone so long (about 5 hours longer than he'd anticipated! He didn't get home til after 8pm). He didn't have a ton of snacks with him, so he ended up drinking sugar water towards the end... Yuck, but it works! He said he did have a good time with the boys, though! Here are a few of the boys at the waterfall they hiked to.

*Anyway, my yard sale was pretty good. My mom spent the night the night before & stayed with me saturday to help with Roman while I dealt with the sale... I always have fun spending time with her!! I didn't sell everything, but I made just about $250 which I was excited about... It's a nice little jump start for saving up for my camera again (I've been wanting a Canon ESO Rebel xsi & I had almost enough $$ to buy it, but then our computer crashed & I had to use that money to replace it :(. I know, every one has one, & they love it & I will too once I get one- but that doesn't help me feel much better about having to start over in my savings. I am thankful that I had the money to buy the new computer though (trying to see the glass 1/2 full here).

*After the yard sale, I headed over to my sister's, Trudy, to help her decorate for the surprise birthday party she was throwing for her daughter, Alishia. The party was a lot of fun, & it was even more fun that Lish REALLY was surprised! I had a nice time visiting with my family!! I have so many siblings that I don't get to visit one on one with them very much, so it was nice to chat & catch up with the ones who were there!

*Sunday was nice- I'm getting more use to having church at 2pm; I kind of like having all morning to hang out with Roman & Anthon and not feeling so rushed (plus getting a nap in for Roman before sacrament). I did get a new calling in our ward, but I have to keep it on the DL til next Sunday when they actually announce it in church since my friends in my ward read the blog sometimes :)... It should be fun, though!

Well, that was our weekend... now to start the dreaded chore of organizing all the stuff that didn't sell at the yard sale.


*Katie May* said...

If you are getting rid of your boy clothes Nicole, James' ex could use them. She is prego and having a boy and doesn't really have moolah. Just an idea. You can do whatever :) glad Anthon was ok. Awesome yard sell money!

MSorenson said...

You had a busy weekend! I heard about your new calling, you will be great. Glad Anthon made it back safe from his trip.

Pace & Gwen said...

Ha! I told Michele :) She's not in your ward though :) Anyway, wow, Anthon way to go!! I thought Pace had it rough with his scouts (getting lost, etc, TWICE) but sugars are scary. Glad you made it home safe and sound! And hooray for a camera fund! Be happy you even have the opportunity to HAVE a camera fund :) I'll be loving my point and click for at LEAST two more years, so I'll be sure and covet your new purchase once you can raise the money. Happy yard sale'ing!! Way to go Nash!!

Kara said...

I knew it! You are in the RS presidency! fUn! FuN! Hey, I'd like to be a teacher again, can u make that happen?