Thursday, June 17, 2010

5 years... How is that possible??

Time has FLOWN by! Sometimes Anthon & I will look at each other & say things like, "How is it that we're married & have a kid?? We JUST started dating in high school!" Well "just" is 9 years ago... CRAZY right?? As hard as it is to believe that we're as old as we are, I'm very happy with our life- sure, things aren't perfect: we're not doing jobs we love, we have tons of goals that still seem so far out of reach, & there are plenty of disappointments to go around. BUT the important thing is that we're perfectly happy with our imperfect life! There's no one else in the world I'd rather go through life with (Anthon's the best partner/ support system I could ask for)! Thanks for all your hard work, Bunny, & the unconditional love you show to me on a daily basis! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!


bailey michael said...

Happy Anniversary!

*Katie May* said...

Happy Anni! Glad your going strong stay that way :)

Aleia said...

Happy Anniversary!