Friday, June 4, 2010

Ashleigh's Random thoughts & Self discoveries

1- I'm a wuss. I watched "A Walk to Remember" tonight for the 1st time probably since high school. I lost count of the number of times I started to cry. Yeah, I'm a wuss.

2- I'm a clothes/shoes-aholic. Seriously. I counted the shirts hanging in my closet... 135 (& that's JUST t-shirts! Not including undershirts, sweaters, 3/4 sleeves, or cardigans) & anyone who's entered my house has seen my vast assortment of shoes. I am a true, thru & thru, bargain shopper (Saver's & Ebay are my happy place & I RARELY pay full price for anything at "regular" stores), & I'm what you might call a pack rat (I hang onto things because "You never know when I'll need it to complete an outfit" or "I'll fit into it again one day"). Despite those fun little facts, I've had somewhat of a self discovery & decided that I'm going to stop being excessive. I'm not going to buy any clothing for at least 6 months, because I obviously have WAY more than I need... the fact that I'm not working at Down East anymore will help with my goal :)- someone should come raid my closet & help me part with more than 1/2 of the crap in there!

3- Speaking of clothes, I HATE Chase uniforms... They're not flattering on anyone, way over priced, & are poorly made! At least I didn't have to buy any this time around! Oh, & I hate black work pants... I'm too short for them.

4- I'm not patient... this I've known for a long time. I really want to focus on trying to become more patient (with the people I love & the events in my life). I'm afraid to pray for help because I know I'll be given more situations to test the little bit of patience I have, & that intimidates me.

5- I like milk now. Weird right?? My whole life it's made me sick, but not anymore.

6- I don't know how to count & I don't know how old my baby is. This whole week I've been celebrating the fact that Roman will be 18 months on Sunday & will be able to go to nursery. WRONG! He'll be 17 months on Sunday... I'm retarded! Do you think they'd take him a month early?? I mean, he's ready (he screams, throws tantrums, hits, bites, the works)!

7- I'm not a very god house wife. I mean, I'm more productive when I have a deadline. For example, when I wasn't working & my house needed to be cleaned I always used the excuse "I can get to it later" & before I knew it, the day was over & the house was still a mess. I wasted a lot of time, I'll be honest. Now that I'm working again, I know I need to be finished with all my chores by 1:30pm so I can shower & be on time to work (because I hate showering & then have to do more cleaning). So far, it's worked... I feel much more productive!

8- I need to stop drinking soda again. Dr. Pepper is my favorite & pretty much the only one I drink. I stopped when I was pregnant with Roman so I know it's possible. I'll commit to it right now... no time like the present, huh??

9- What should I do for Anthon's birthday??? He made my birthday SO special & I really want to return the favor!! He's such an amazing, well rounded, honest person- he deserves an awesome fiesta! Any brilliant ideas?? Oh, & by the way, it's in like 10 days...

10- I'm a major procrastinator...


TiffanieRoseWhite said...

this is going to be a long response to everything you wrote about ;)
1. I KNOW what you're saying about your closet... it sounds like mine. Its REALLY hard to part with something thinking I'll need it one day, but I've been doing A LOT better just bagging up stuff and giving it to charity. Also, I PROMISE if you do this you will NOT miss anything!! I do have like 50 undershirt/tanks from Tilly's that are ALL different colors and I bought them over like 2-3 years and I can't get rid of those, haha.

2)Uggh... I never did like those Chase uniforms either... or HAVING to wear the same thing day after day AND dressing up!

3)hahha, Roman sounds like he is ready to me too... Jaxon is JUST now starting to be VERY active while we're at church and I think to myself "wow, I have 9 more months" before he goes!! Uhh, I think I wont be learning much for the next 9 months! Also, I didn't feel to bad for myself when I realized the YW pres in my ward has a 1 month old AND a 14 month old (and two other kids, ALL BOYS) AND she is nursing. MAN, that would be HARD. No complaints here!

4)The soda thing, I am RIGHT there with ya girl. I only drink DIET but I say I'm gonna stop and then I just "need one". It will probably never happen! Who knows!

5)Have you seen this blog? Check out this link and you might get some ideas for Anthon's birthday... I HONESTLY have never used anything off this blog BUT I know about it and like to look at all the cute/good/some corny ideas. haha.

Good luck with EVERYTHING. Seems like you've got a lot on your hand, as always!

*Katie May* said...

Great post. I need to do that for me.

Lydia said...

Totally understand what your saying. Don't be so hard on yourself we are learning as we go!

Lydia said...

Totally understand what your saying. Don't be so hard on yourself we are learning as we go!

Pace & Gwen said...

That was such a fun post to read!! I miss you, and you're WRONG!! okay, you're right about the clothes-aholic thing and being a great bargain shopper :) But the patience thing, I think you're WAY patient! At least with me :) Maybe you just hide it better than some people I know (like myself ha ha). For that and many other reasons I love you so much!!! Go ahead and clean out your closet :) It'll give you an excuse to shop more (slowly ha) and find other amazing good deals (perhaps to Anthon's utter dismay... lol). And for his b-day I think you should surprise him with an evening (overnight) AWAY at a hotel there in the valley with a hot tub in the room and enjoy each other while you have just one baby to pawn off for the night. Call me crazy, but it will be more special than a big surprise party. You can still do dinner with the family/friends but knowing Anthon I bet he'd enjoy time away with you, his best friend :) Let me know how I can help :)

Pace & Gwen said...

PS - You're/Our anniversary is coming up :) Happy FIVE years can you believe it??

Pace & Gwen said...

PPS I was gonna say Maybe Peter and Kelly could watch him overnight but that might not be a good idea lol