Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Pioneer Day

Our ward had our Pioneer Day celebration last night & it was a lot of fun. I spent the morning sewing us all costumes- Anthon was in the play & HAD to dress up, Roman is just plain fun to dress up, & I didn't want to the the odd man out :)

Anthon played Captain Smith, who was a total jerk to Mary Fielding Smith while trying to cross the plains. He did great playing mean & arrogant :)! (PS- I realized once his pants were done that they looked a little more like creepy pirate than pioneer, but it was the only fabric I had & he still wore them!)
Mine & Roman's costumes. My dress was made out of like upholstery material, so it was incredibly HOT. I guess I just got a little taste of the misery that was being a pioneer... SOOO grateful I wasn't born back then (I totally would've been one that got buried a long the trail)!


Langen Family said...

You guys all lookes so cute. It was a fun play. Anthon did good.

bailey michael said...

Roman looks so stinkin' cute! i love his outift.

MSorenson said...

Great job on the costumes! They look awesome. Looks like a fun night.

Sariah,Chief Editor said...

Roman looks so cute! And I do love yours and Anthon's outfits, his pants rocked~