Thursday, January 6, 2011

It's good to be 2!!

2 years ago today, we welcomed this darling little boy into our family & have enjoyed every second with him since! It amazes me, how in 2 short years he can go from this tiny little cuddle bug into the crazy, sweet, funny, independent little man he is today! Roman is such a pleasure to have around (most of the time)! He really tries to be obedient and polite (he says "please, thank you, you're welcome, & sorry" without being prompted to... most of the time) and when he does something naughty it's not hard to redirect his behavior.

His favorite things right now are Cars (the movie and just toy cars & trucks), Toy Story, tools, baseball, and wrestling with his daddy (Anthon's taught him the single leg take down already, & it's so fun to watch him do it)! I took some pictures of him yesterday with some of his favorite things... this was one of my favorites!

We had Roman's party on Saturday, the 1st, because Anthon & I both have to work all day today and we had family in town that weekend. We just met at the park by our house, had lunch, and let the kids play. It was FREEZING cold but still fun!

He was SO excited about his cupcakes this year
But soon got over them once he started opening his gifts!
He got a lot of nice, fun toys!! Thank you to all of you who braved the cold & spoiled him :)
Roman, Thanks for keeping our family fun, for loving us unconditionally, and for being YOU!! We love you SO very much and are so thankful the Lord blessed us with you!


TiffanieRoseWhite said...

How cute!! Its AMAZING how fast they grow up!!! I remember you had him a few days before I got married... Its FLOWN by!! And now I have a little one coming up on a year and a half in a couple months, its crazy!! He is such a cutie and those pictures you took are adorable! I bet you LOVE your camera :)