Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

I realized today that I'd never posted about our Christmas, so I figured I'd go ahead & play a little catch up...
We spent Christmas with my family this year & it was really nice! We slept at my mom's house Christmas eve and most the the day Christmas. We always do the traditional Christmas jammies on Christmas eve, so here we are:
I found a STEAL of a deal on a big screen TV for Anthon this year and was amazed that he didn't find out about it/ figure it out before Christmas! I love when surprises turn out! I wrapped the remote by itself & had the TV hidden in my mom's room. He didn't quite understand what the remote meant when he opened it. He told me after that he thought I'd gotten us cable or satellite.
His initial reaction once he saw it... "HOLY....!"
Needless to say, he was surprised & likes it :)
My brother Peter drew my name this year... I LOVE him! This card made me laugh SO hard! Fat, Loser, Fag, Dork, and several other derogatory terms are all pet names my brother & I use for each other, so even though the card may seem really mean, it's not!
Here are all the little cousins together Christmas afternoon (minus Lincoln who was asleep).L-R: Avery, Sydney, Ellie, Drew, & Roman. Even though they don't look very thrilled it this shot, they all love each other! It's so cute to watch them all play!
My handsome guys in their Christmas ties the following Sunday. I love dressing them up & I love that they let me... without any complaining!
I got the flu Christmas night, and was useless for the next 2 days. I came down with the bug not even 24 hours before this was taken, so judge sparingly :) Other than that, our Christmas was wonderful! Anthon & I had the whole next week off work, so we got to redo our living room (with his new TV & my new couch, some changes had to be made). It was GREAT to be together that whole time and de-junk/ beautify our house! Life's pretty much back to normal now, but it was wonderful to spend time with our family & each other!


*Katie May* said...

Looks like a wonderful Christmas! Sorry you got sick no fun on that part!