Monday, December 17, 2012

FHE at the temple lights

One of our favorite singers, Jordan Bluth, was performing outside the temple last night, so we decided to make a family home evening out of it, listen to him & go see the lights! We've heard him sing live in Rob Gardner's performances & he's just amazing- last night was no exception!
Roman wasn't thrilled about having to sit & listen, but Anthon & I enjoyed it!
He was happier once he was able to get down & run around!
Both my boys look so big to me in these pictures! 
 These pictures show how quickly Sterling can turn from sweet & tender to rough & feisty!

 My goodness, I LOVE these boys of mine!
I know-  Roman's eating his beanie, I have super creepy eyes, & Sterling's wishing he was dead but Anthon & the temple look nice... & it was the only shot we got in front of it, so it will have to do!
After we left the temple grounds we went out to dinner. Our waitress was a girl we went to high school with that we hadn't seen in years, so it was a lot of fun visiting with her. While we were chatting I realized what the date was & that 11 years ago today Anthon & I started dating! I'm so thankful for him & the life we're building together!! It was such a great night!