Wednesday, December 26, 2012

'Tis the season to be jolly!!

We decided to go up to Show Low the weekend before Christmas, that way we could see Anthon's family. Since Christmas was on a Tuesday this year I gave them their matching while we were in Show Low... & might I just say how handsome they all looked?!

Our family in our Christmas Sunday best
 We stayed up until Monday (Christmas Eve) afternoon & played in the snow
 Roman loved having a snowball fight with his daddy!!

 Sterling didn't love the snow as much :)
 On our way back home, we stopped at Cenica lake to look at the waterfall... It was frozen solid, but the boys still thought it was pretty cool & enjoyed watching their daddy chuck boulders down onto the ice.
We went to my mom's for Christmas eve. We had dinner, sang Christmas songs, read the story of Jesus's birth from the bible, popped popcorn, & watched elf. It was a really nice evening! 

 After we left my mom's we came home, put the boys to bed, & got all ready for the morning festivities. Our boys got a new bike this year from us.
 Is there anything cuter than the excitement of a child on Christmas morning?? I don't think there is!
 They gave each other dump trucks & this is their thank you hugs :) They melt my heart!
 The most memorable thing from this year's Christmas was the gift Anthon put in each of our stockings- a love note. He took the time to read each of the boys theirs, and they were the sweetest!! What a tender moment to experience  to watch- seriously, it was better than any gift you could buy!
 I'm so thankful for Anthon! He's such a darling daddy & an amazing husband! I love how he expresses his love to our children- makes me fall more & more in love with him!
 Here the boys are playing with their new toys
 Roman got the green, remote control four wheeler he asked Santa for, & has been completely inseparable from it ever since!
All in all, it has been a wonderful Christmas! Nothing better than enjoying the time off of school with family & celebrating the birth of our Savior!