Sunday, January 6, 2013

Roman is 4!!

Roman decided he wanted an Avenger's themed birthday party this year. This was the invitation I sent out to all his friends- I LOVE it!!
 We did his friend party a few days early 1. so Anthon could be there (with his new school/work schedule he has Wednesday's off) & 2. so Gwen & Pace could be there (they were heading back to TX this weekend). We had the party in our backyard- I would have loved to have it at Peter Piper or somewhere like that, but since we're lacking in extra funds these days ( you know, living the student life) we decided to keep it simple & free :). Plus, it gave us the perfect excuse to get our butts in gear & clean up our backyard!! In the 7.5 years we've lived here it's pretty much been a pit! It took about 3 days straight, but was well worth it! Anyway, he had quite a few little friends come & they played in the backyard, ate lunch, played some games, & then did the cake/ presents. Here are some pictures of the festivities:
 I was lazy this year & ordered the cupcakes from Fry's- honestly, I might do that every year from now on! They looked beautiful, tasted yummy, & required zero effort on my part! Well, I did put the sprinkles & ring toppers on each one, but really how much effort does that take? None, compared to baking & frosting all 24 of them!
 Roman chose the food for his party. He had hot dogs, chips, fruit cups, & Gatorade... sound like the menu of a toddler?
 I got these awesome Avenger's masks & am so glad we got this fun picture of the 4 of us!!

 Present time!! He got SO many fun things & was so excited to open them!

 He was pretty much exhausted after all the partying was finished, but kept all his new toys close by!
 Since today is his actual birthday, we had to celebrate some more! Anthon & I decorated his bedroom last night so when he woke up this morning he would know it was a special day!
 We went to church and came home like usual, played games, and sang "Happy Birthday" about a million times (he LOVES that song, especially when it's being sung to him)! Church was extra special, though, because it was his very first day as a Sunbeam! Yes, he deffinately is the oldest in his class :)
My mom came over for dinner, cake & ice cream, and some presents. We had to bust out the Avenger's hats again :) I LOVE this picture!
 I made him a simple cake & put the figures he got for his friend party on it... he was satisfied with that! 
 Happy birthday, to my big 4 year old! Roman has enriched our lives every day since he's been born! He is such a funny, kind, tender- hearted, rambunctious, smart little kid & I feel truly blessed for the opportunity I have to be his mother!