Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Let them be little...

Last week we got a TON of rain!! I'm usually not one to encourage my boys to be messy, but for some reason the pouring rain & giant puddles softened my heart. I asked Roman if he'd like to go out & play in it... of course he didn't need a second invitation!

 I thoroughly enjoyed watching him run, jump, splash, & catch the rain drops!! While watching him the thought came to me, "Let them be little" & it was a total eye opener for me! I've been so caught up with school & my responsibilities at home that I've been over looking opportunities for the little things that are the best when you're a kid! I decided right then and there to let my boys be little- messes clean up, dirt/ mud wash out, bumps/bruises/scrapes heal but they will only be small for a moment & I don't want to regret any time/ experiences lost!

So the next day we went for a walk to deliver some goodies to a couple ladies I visit teach. The rain had stopped, but there were deep, dirty puddles everywhere... Roman approached one and glanced over at my with that little mischievous grin he gets on his face when he's thinking of doing something he knows I'll disapprove of. For a second, I was ready to threaten him not to even think about it, then the thought "Let them be little" came back to my mind... so I just smiled back at him & said, "Jump in, Bud!" You'd think I just told him he had won the lottery with how excited he got!! & boy did jump... in every puddle on the way home! He was filthy & drenched, but completely happy!
It certainly is the little things in life that bring the greatest joy- for Roman it was giant, dirty rain puddles. For me, it was watching the joy spread on my child's face as he played like only a little boy can!