Saturday, January 12, 2013

Favorite things at 4!

How cute is this boy?! I seriously love him!& I love documenting their favorite things as they grow! Here are Roman's favorite things at 4:
 First & foremost- Rescue Bots! He is obsessed with the show & all his toys!
 Second- Mario Brothers! He loves playing Mario Cart on the Wii, watching the show, & playing with his Luigi car!

 Last, but not least- Super hero's!! He loves the Avenger's!! "Hulk smash" being his favorite!
 He got a bunch of super hero costumes for his birthday & loves to play with them! Spider man is one of his favorites to dress up as!
 He's wild, he's crazy! He's funny, he's smart! He's kind, he's tender hearted! He's stubborn, he's independent! He's helpful, he's adventurous! He's 4, & we're so thankful he's ours!!