Monday, January 21, 2013

I'm sorry, but we're awesome!

Warning: total bragging post ahead!
Anthon is amazing! He seriously accomplishes anything he puts his mind to! This past year, he decided he wanted to be the #1 salesman in his company, & guess what?! He did it! It was a close call- there was another guy in his branch that was ahead of him by 1, but Anthon got a few sales at the end of December & took the lead (with some help from me, I'll add)!! They had a tech meeting this morning to recognize him & give him a huge check, which was kind of fun! He also got a branch new work truck that's really nice! He was the #1 salesman for his branch & the #3 salesman out of the entire company (like 4 states)!! I am SO proud of him!! There seriously is nothing this man can't do!
I'm not as awesome as Anthon ;), but I did start my second block of nursing school this past week & have been having a blast learning how to start IVs & draw blood! I've gotten pretty good at it on the dummies, but we'll see how I do on real people (dummies hold completely still & have perfect veins!)-I start clinical in a month & am going to be at Chandler Regional Hospital... can't wait!