Saturday, February 7, 2009

1 Month Old!

Roman had his one month check up today & here are his stats:

10 lbs. 11oz
22.5 in.
Dr. thought he still looked a little jaundiced (even though all his bilirubin tests have come back normal) so she did another heal prick to test his bili levels... poor kid! I hate how he looks at me when they're squeezing his foot, like he's pleading "Momma, make them stop!"- BREAKS MY HEART! Besides getting blood drawn, it was an overall good day & he was a happy boy :).


*Katie May* said...

hope it all looks good. Never fun when they have to get shots or pricks. My kids always sleep through the foot pricks though

Meagan Rogers said...

We had to deal with the foot prick this week too. Poor babies. Glad his levels are normal! It seems like it takes forever for the jaundice to clear out. He's such a cute one!

Pace & Gwen said...

He's a big boy! That's awesome, I love fat babies, meaning soon his little "chicken legs" will be covered with rolls if he keeps this weight gain up. :) Good nursin' mom! Love you guys SO MUCH!!