Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Funny story...

So Anthon & I decided to go get lunch at Subway together- Anthon stayed in the car with Roman & I ran in to get our sandwiches... This is how the conversation with the pimply-face, stoner, high school drop out employee went:

SubMan: Welcome to Subway. What can I get 'cha?

Ashleigh: Can I have a foot long & 6 in. on wheat?
(the whole time I'm asking, the kid is shaking his head no, so I continue to ask...)
Ashleigh: Oh are you out of wheat or something?

SubMan: No I'm just kiddin' wit-chu. What kind of sandwiches IS these?

Ashleigh: Uh, the foot long is a meat ball & the 6 in. is a club

SubMan: So, you like clubs, huh??

Ashleigh: Yeah (thinking, "Duh, retard that's why I ordered it)

SubMan: Wanna go wit me to one tonight??

Ashleigh: Umm... no. I don't think my husband would like that

SubMan: Well, maybe he doesn't need to know

Ashleigh: uh... no. He's in the car with our baby, I think they'd notice if I never came out.

SubMan: It's cool- you can bring the baby wit-chu! I like kids.

At this point I stopped making eye contact & responding. CLASSY employees work at Subway, huh??


*Katie May* said...

what a LAME-O At least ya know ya still got it right :)

Shannon said...

How funny! What a dork!!!

Meagan Rogers said...

Little scumbag.

Lydia said...

You're still a hot babe!

ecuakim said...

LOL. NO WAY! Oh man, I'm rollin' on the floor.

Christie said...

This is hilarious! I read it to Travis and were both cracking up!

Pace & Gwen said...

I AM STILL LAUGHING! Only you, Nash... only you :) would have something like that happen to them :) HILARIOUS!! WOW.

Maren said...

That is to funny, I got a good laugh!