Sunday, October 11, 2009

Help our family find a cure!

As most of you know, Anthon suffers from Type 1, or juvenile, diabetes. We've started a team for this years Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation "Walk to Cure Diabetes". Some of you may have already received emails from us, but we don't have everyone's addresses, so I'm doing a post. We each have set a personal goal to raise $200 for research in finding a cure. If you can spare anything at all, we'd really appreciate it (even if everyone donated $5 or $10, it would add up quickly)! Check out our pledge pages & donate to this great cause!! Click on:

Ashleigh's Page
We'd love to have a big group do the walk with us!! It's at Tempe Town Lake, October 31st @ 9AM.
PS- If know someone who would be interested in helping out this cause, please forward this post to them, or the email (if you got one)!! Thanks so much for your support!!


Pace & Gwen said...

Sorry I can't come walk - that'd be so fun!!

Brian, Lish, Lily, & Ruston said...

I wonder who came up with your team name? ;)