Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Picture overload of Turkey, TX, & Trees

For Thanksgiving we went to Texas to visit my sister & her family. It was a REALLY fun trip- lots of good food, shopping, playing, talking, & watching movies. I posted a TON of pictures of our trip, so enjoy :) -Gwen, I didn't get a picture of us together, AGAIN :(
Sydney making a turkey (a Gills family tradition)
Me & Roman making noodles (a Perkins family tradition)
The guys waiting for dinner to be ready

Gwen got some WAY cute pictures of the 3 of them in the tub, but this is the best I got
I love the "fresh & clean" baby pictures

Play time with Drew & Sydney quickly turned into a wrestling match
He loves to torture children :)
Teaching Sydney a choke hold
She caught on quick... Anthon may have met his match :)
LOVE this girl!

Science Center:
We had a lot of fun with the bubbles... then my camera died, so that's all we have pictures of

We stopped in Show Low for a day on our way home & Anthon went with his dad & brother to cut down some dead trees for fire wood. I took advantage of the photo op.
excuse my lack of makeup
Going for a ride on the Kubota with Grandpa
I'm sorry but, my husband is buff! Check out those biceps ;)
The product of all their hard work- a dump truck full of fire wood


MSorenson said...

What a fun trip! I love the bath pic, you gotta have it. The outside ones of Roman are too cute!

*Katie May* said...

Anthon may be buff in that pic but Brandon is losing his pants in that pic too lol

Eileen said...

Glad to see the wood pictures! I know Gerald was appreciative of the help. I'm glad you had a fun time at Gwen's.

Corinne and Justin said...

Cute pictures!! It looks like you guys had a good trip! im glad! lets do something soon!

Pace & Gwen said...

I love the pictures of the choke holds! Those and the bubble one with Sydney's crazy face CRACKED ME UP. Miss you guys already!! See you soon :) PS Thanks again for making the drive - Thanksgiving with you three was AWESOME!

Pace & Gwen said...

Oh and I have the one of the two of us together on my camera (date night, driving in the car). Once finals are over maybe I'll get a chance to post some pictures too!! Heaven knows I'm due for an update...