Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Big 2-7.

I turned 27 years old today, & I must say it was a very fun weekend! For starters, I only worked Monday thru Thursday this past week & then started vacation! Friday I went to the zoo with my sister-in-law Kelly, my niece Alishia, and their kids. It was HOT but the kids all had a good time together. Then Saturday, Anthon had the day off too & we spent the majority of the day cleaning our house (I know, doesn't sound very fun, but our house needed it & it was SOO nice to have his help since my energy level is dropping by the second these days)!! Saturday night, Anthon surprised me with a date night to Benihana for dinner & then shopping for some new clothes. Here we are at dinner:
Today was a pretty chill day; just church, meetings, nice nap... the usual. But Anthon surprised me again- He made delicious baked zitti for dinner & had invited our family & friends over to celebrate! It was a full house, but I had so much fun visiting with everyone! Thank you to all who could come & for making my birthday special!! I'd like to especially thank Anthon, though! We've been together for so long & yet he never ceases to surprise me & show how special I am to him! I love you, Bunny! Thanks for being so wonderful & making my birthday weekend so great!!!


*Katie May* said...

Happy Birthday! And good job Bunny!

Aleia said...

Happy Birthday!