Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Day at the Zoo

Anthon & I both had the day off & since the weather was perfect we decided to take Roman to the zoo. He hasn't been since he was just about a year old & since he's old enough now to know what the different animals are & recognize them, he really LOVED it! The kid ran everywhere & was amazed to see all the animals in person! Some of his favorite things were:
The elephants... he talked about elephants the whole way there & once he saw them he was so excited! By far the best!
The farm equipment & petting zoo
Monkey Village
Riding the "fish" on the carousel
Chasing the ducks
(and any other small animal wandering around, trying to mind its own business!)
Of course, all the running wasn't without incident...
He skinned his knees up pretty good & was sooo sad... but Daddy made it all better :) I love this picture!
We had such a fun day together! The best part is that Anthon bought us a membership so we can go as much as we want for the next year for free! So, if anyone wants to tag along with me sometime just let me know (I get one guest adult with my pass & kids 2 and under are free)!


court said...

looks like you had a fun time at the zoo! you look so cute! love your belly! hope you are feeling good!