Friday, March 18, 2011

8 Weeks to go

It's official... I'm a tank. I've gained 8 more lbs over the past 5 weeks (14 lbs. total) and I must say my cheeks are filling out quite nicely. It's not even hot yet (for AZ standards), but I feel like I'm going to suffocate from the heat on a daily basis. I think it's safe to say I've hit a wall in this pregnancy & I'm ready for it to be over! Thankfully, nature knows best & I get to have 8 more weeks of peaceful, mostly uninterrupted sleep. Even though I spent the 1st half of this post complaining, this pregnancy hasn't really been that bad.

I took this week off of work & it's been really nice to play & get some projects done. I took Roman swimming one day- He LOVED it & it felt SO good to be in the water! I want to try & take him 3-4 times a week until I have the baby, just to get him more acclimated to the water & to temporarily take some "weight off" of me! We, also, rearranged Roman's room to accommodate the baby- stuff like set up the crib, repainted the dresser/ changing table, and just organized in general. I'm happy with the way it's all turned out & am almost done with my "to do" list of things to prepare for this kids grand arrival. I'm still liking the name Sterling, but I'm pretty sure Anthon's not going to consent to any name until we meet this little guy... I bet he'd consent to Tarzie in a heart beat, but I never will ;).
Welp, that's pretty much it... I'm SICK of being hot, fat, & tired but I'm only going to get hotter, fatter, & more tired before it gets better & I'm OK with that- It's all part of the price we pay to be mommy's :)

This picture's to remind me of the "good times"... Roman driving his truck on my tummy :)


*Katie May* said...

it'll come quick! Can't wait to see the little man!

Lindsay said...

Oh Ashleigh, I would say "enjoy it" but I just went through your exact feelings and was totally thrilled to get the baby out and here in my arms! :) Roman is going to make a great big brother!

Eileen said...

We are anxious to see Roman and for little brother to get here.

Sariah,Chief Editor said...

Love the belly, you look so cute!

Ya...enjoy your little man while it is just him. Every stage is great. You will love seing him interact with his new baby brother too and watching them grow up and play together. Good times!!