Sunday, April 24, 2011

My Boys

I realized my blog as been pretty selfish lately- mostly about me & the pregnancy, so I wanted to do a post about the 2 main men in my life (before I add the 3rd in a couple weeks and the blog is totally all about him again). Anthon: He is super busy these days!! Work gets increasingly busier as the weather gets warmer, but he enjoys his job so it's a good thing. I don't know how he works outside in the heat, but I'm thankful for how hard he works to support our family- he provides like 98% of our income... the only thing I work for is insurance, since my take-home is practically nothing after taxes, insurance, & retirement are taken out! Anthon did get an insulin pump on April 8th- WOOHOO!! It's been wonderful, but a definite adjustment for him at the same time. He says it makes him really "feel like a diabetic" since it's attached to him 24/7, whereas before he'd just take his shot & then once that was over he was just like everyone else. His nurse (who's really great, by the way!) has had to change his dosages several times to try & get his sugars where they need to be. For the first day or 2, he was running low and then after they adjusted his dosages he was running high, but he seems to be more stable now and he's getting more & more comfortable with it as time moves on. This semester i drawing to a close & I think he's looking forward to the little break that he'll have from school before his summer class start. He's been working really hard this semester & I know his fall classes are going to be really time consuming too, so hopefully the one math he takes this summer won't be too stressful for him. I seriously can't imagine my life without Anthon...It would literally be HORRIBLE! He helps me so much!

Roman: Oh how I love this kid! He has been so fun to be around lately! His new thing to do is bring us something that he likes (like a toy or book or snack) & as he hands it to us he sings, "Apy birday, to you!" He has been extra independent lately too- he likes to push his bench from the dining room table everywhere in the kitchen & use it to climb up to any cupboard he thinks he needs to get into. Thankfully, he likes to clean up his messes, too :) & sings the song from nursery "Cean up, cean up, erybody share." Of course, some of the things he does are far from cute- like when he put a Capri Sun in the microwave & turned it on till it was sparking everywhere! Or when he got a hold of my mascara and painted his toe nails and my bathroom floor with it! Thankfully nothing has been permanently damaged... yet. He LOVES basketball (or "shoot it" as he calls it) and baseball (or "I hit it") right now... wrestling is not at the top of the priority list for him, much to Anthon's dismay, but he does oblige his dad in a take down or two. The phrases we hear him saying most often are, "What you doing?", "Where it go?!", "Oh, no! What append?!?", "Wuv you! See you later.", & "I want ki ceam cone." (ice cream cone). He can count to 10 now and likes to count his toys or food. We took him to see a movie in theater for the first time last night- We saw "Rio" and he really enjoyed it. He's also excited for the baby... well, I'm not sure how much he comprehends about a baby coming to live with us, but he likes to touch, see, & kiss my belly. I took him to my 37 week check up & my Dr. was so GREAT with him! She pulled up a chair next to the table for him to stand on and let him help her measure my belly and she let him use the Doppler to hear the heart beat (squeeze the goo out, hold the little microphone, move it around, everything). It was really fun for him to be included!! I'm excited to see him in his new role as a brother!

Well, I think that about catches you up to speed with these 2... they're darling, I love them, and I'm so thankful that they are mine!