Monday, May 7, 2012

12 month stats

Sterling had his 12 month check up this morning. Here are his stats:
Weight: 18.7lbs- 5th percentile
Height 29.5in- 50th percentile
Head 27in- 25th percentile
I specifically asked her where he ranked percentile wise, so I would know (cause they usually don't give them to me & just compare him to his past weights, heights, ect.). People always ask me if he's big/small for his age, & I never really know what to tell them, other than he seems small to me, what he was when he was born, & that he has been on the same curve ever since. Roman was always big for his age & I enjoyed having a chart-toping boy, but I kinda like that Sterling a little guy... keeps me feeling like he's my baby for a little bit longer!! But the boy is SKINNNNNY! I need to start cooking some high calorie, kid friendly meals for him... anyone have any good recipes?!?!
Other than being super lean, he's a healthy, happy, smart little guy!  He can say "Momma", "Dadda", "No. no", "Baba", "Hi", "Bye, bye", "Was that?", "Ball", & "Car" He still only has 4 teeth- 2 on top, 2 on bottom. He's not walking independently yet, but loves to cruise around the furniture or with his walker. He's taken a few steps on his own, but as soon as he realizes he's flying solo, he'll slowly sit down & start crawling at lightening speed. His favorites right now are: *Food- strawberry's, oranges & apples especially,but really will eat anything I put in front of him! *Toys- balls & cars... he loves to play catch & makes the cutest "vroom" sound while driving his cars around on the floor! *People- Anthon & Roman! He LOVES his daddy & brother, and I love watching them all play together. He's gotten really good at giving kisses to anybody though :) *Water- whether it's bathing in it, swimming, or drinking it, the kid loves water! *Music- He loves to dance & is pretty good at moving to the beat! Some of the things he could live without are: getting dressed, having his nose wiped, getting strapped into his car seat, having his diaper changed, being snuggled by his mommy when he wants to play- pretty much all the same things he's hated for most of his life!


bailey michael said...

k, im dying, tillman is the same weight! can't believe he's a year already!