Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Roman's been quite the mischevious little boy this week...
& it's only Tuesday.
Sunday morning I found this lovely mess after I got out of the shower.
I made him vacuum it all up, but he thought that was GREAT... not a very good punishment I guess, but I didn't want to clean that up!!
 Then, yesterday morning SOMEHOW he got a hold of a pair of scissors, climbed into Sterling's crib, & butchered his hair.
 Sterling was born with a full head of hair & has never been bald, so it was kind of a disappointment for me, to say the least, to have to shave his head! Right before his birthday, too!
 But, my friend made a comment that totally put things into perspective for me...
"Don't let it stress you too much... messes clean up and hair grows back."
Seriously, it could've been much worse!! He could've cut him, or really hurt him! He's not a girl, & it's normal for boys to have buzzed hair in the summer, so I'm not going to stress over it anymore!
As crazy as he is at 3 years old, I know this phase will go by so fast and then I'll be missing the impulsive, curious, hilarious, insane things he did & said! So, I'm trying to take it all in with that perspective, not get too worked up over these kinds of things, & teach myself to only shower/use the bathroom when he's asleep!!


The Gibson's said...

Ok I will be honest I totally laughed at Sterling's hair. I am glad you got a picture because one day you will look back and have a wonderful giggle at that picture and memory. My kids never did that, knock on wood, but I did as a little girl to my sister. I have actually been waiting for it to happen, but has not yet. Hopefully I keep on waiting. Gotta love those preschoolers and their funny behaviors. And I like you can't shower or use the bathroom these days with out a HUGE mess when I get out.