Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day

Today was awesome! I spent the day realizing all the blessings I have in my life that can be related to this day- My own dear mother who has been such an inspiration, example, & friend to me. Her life exemplifies charity, faith, & the pure love of Christ- anyone could learn these virtues just by observing her in her everyday life, but I had the pleasure of being TAUGHT by this amazing woman. My sweet mother-in-law who has always accepted, loved, & supported me in spite of my many flaws. Who raised a son in such an amazing way that he was able to become the confident, humble, honest, loyal, hardworking, forgiving, trustworthy man that I was lucky enough to marry. Anthon is the love of my life, literally my better half, & the most wonderful thing in my life! I love that I am the mother of HIS children! My sons... oh, my darling little boys! They are amazing, funny, smart, loving, forgiving, obedient, kind, cheerful, adorable, and helpful... sometimes I wonder how I got to be so lucky. Motherhood is the most rewarding, joyous, stressful, frustrating role I've ever had, but I feel overwhelmingly grateful for the chance I have to learn from these little boys & watch them grow. I am SO thankful to be a mother, & to have the examples of our two wonderful mothers to look toward as I try to teach these precious sons of God.   All I know is... I AM such a lucky girl!!