Sunday, July 22, 2012


I have had so much fun staying home with these 2 little boys!! I'm starting to see similarities between them & it's so much fun to me! What do you think... Do they look like brothers??

 Wanna know what they've been up to lately??
Here's a glimpse of what Roman's been doing...
Throwing "dirt" & hitting our back door on "accident"....
hmmm, not sure I'm buying that story.
Pretty sure he's going to be working hard to earn the $300 to replace it, though
Being Spiderman- you know, saving Sterling & me from "da bad mens" & such
Oh, & climbing on the ceiling
while singing the Spiderman theme song, of course.
 & here's some of the things Sterling has been up to:
Getting adventurous at the mall play land
Cheesing it up!
We'll tell him to say "cheese" & he does the biggest, cheesiest smile- it's hilarious because he will literally shake sometimes when he's "cheesing" really hard!
Loving on his daddy!
He ADORES Anthon. I've accepted the fact that I'll forever be his 2nd favorite- & I only get that position because Roman's not big enough to get him out of his crib, yet.
 It's been so nice to be able to play with them every day & have them help me clean everyday! When I was working, it seems like I' was just going through the motions, trying to get everything done that I needed to before I'd have to leave for work. Now I feel like I get to enjoy my time with them so much more- I don't feel rushed & I've actually been a lot more organized than I thought I would be once I wasn't on a set schedule (& my house has actually been clean- GO me!). I am SO loving my time at home!