Sunday, July 8, 2012

Happy 4th!!

The 4th of July this year had unusually lovely weather. It rained on & off all morning and the remainder of the afternoon/ evening was only in the 80ºs. We went to Superstition Farm in the morning- the boys loved it! They got to pet/ feed farm animals, play on tractors, go for a hayride on a tour of the dairy, and make their own ice cream sundae.
Roman was so happy he got to hold a chicken!
& he loved feeding the animals.
Sterling helped feed the goats & would giggle so hard when the goats tongue touched his fingers to take the food!
All my handsome guys playing on the tractor

On the hayride- Sterling's checking out all the cows. I was only checking out Anthon ;)
 After the farm, we came home & put the boys down for a nap so they would be happy staying up for fireworks. We went to a high school close to our house with some friends from our ward that evening and had a lot of fun! They had games/ bounce houses for the kids, live music, free watermelon, & a really great fireworks show.
Here's me & Roman waiting in line for one of the bouncy obstacle courses.
Roman coming out of the course.
Just playing with the boys waiting for the show to start,

He LOVED seeing fireworks for the 1st time!

 We had a really nice Independence day- the weather totally made it awesome!! It's so much easier to enjoy the festivities if you're not suffocating in 110º+ weather! I felt so much gratitude listening to the Star Spangled Banner before the show- for my country, my family, our health, the gospel, & just the happiness I feel every day! Ours is a life truly blessed!