Sunday, July 29, 2012

Pioneer Day

We made a last minute decision to head home for the weekend. Anthon's mom had a stroke a couple weeks ago & we've been really wanting to go see her (she' doing really well, by the way! No permanent damage or anything so we're really grateful!), so Friday morning we woke up, realized that Anthon had the weekend off, & decided to go to Show Low! It as fun to surprise his family & we had a lot of fun visiting with everyone!
Once we got up there, we realized it was the weekend of the Pioneer Day celebrations, so there was a lot of fun things to do! We spent all day Saturday down in Snowflake- watching the parade, having a family BBQ at Gerald's new house, & going to the rodeo. I love small town celebrations!
The boys watching the parade... they seem thrilled, don't they!
One of my favorite floats
All of us at the rodeo!
It sprinkled for a while at the beginning, but we never got soaked & it kept the dust down, so it wasn't too bad!
Roman loving watching the "Tao-boys"
Getting in trouble from the sheriff for hanging out by the railing.
The sheriff asked him to go back to his seat & Roman just shook his head "No" then turned around & continued watching the rodeo...
He's definitely a Perkins boy- Uh oh!!
Then today Anthon's sister, Shannon, had her newest baby, Colter, blessed at church & then fed us all a yummy lunch afterward. It was a pretty fast trip, but we enjoyed every minute of it- the cool weather, fun activities, watching the kids play with cousins, visiting & laughing with the fam- it was just a GREAT weekend!
Tomorrow we're taking off for another quick trip to Rocky Point! Gotta get one more family vacation in before school starts!!


Lydia said...

Love all your posts! The boys are so cute!