Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Last Trip of the Summer

The day after we got back from our trip to Show Low we took off to Rocky Point for one last summer thrill. This time my mom, brother Peter, his wife Kelly, their 3 girls-  Ellie, Avery, & Livvi, & Kelly's mom all came too. We stayed in a lovely condo that had a wrap around balcony with fabulous views!! It was a FAST trip but still a lot of fun!
Monday: Day 1
 We spent the morning driving down there & once we got there we went straight to the market. I was in charge of dinner the 1st night & I wanted to make fresh flounder & shrimp (which turned out great, by the way! Here are the recipes I used FLOUNDERSHRIMP). After shopping & lunch we went to the condo & unloaded everything, then headed to the beach to play for a bit before dinner. I could kick myself for not taking more pictures!!! But I guess I was having too much fun playing!
 After dinner, we bathed the kids... They had some fun with the jets & bubbles!
Sterling LOVES Livvi!! Every time he sees her he hugs & kisses on her a TON.
So much that we call her his Lovie
Day 2
This was our only full day at the beach & boy did we make the most of it!! Again, I wish I would've taken more pictures, but I was in the water the entire time!!
My mom & baby Livvi
Kelly & me- <3 her="her" td="td">
The water was PERFECT!! Crystal clear, calm, & cool. Sooo pretty! Kelly's mom brought snorkeling stuff & we spent most of the day checking out the animals at the bottom of the ocean- so fun!! We saw sting rays, huge crabs, tons of colorful fish, & even this little guy!
Peter found him & brought him up to shore in a bucket so the kids could see him. They loved it! Ellie named him Wilbert Gilbert- or something like that :). They watched him for a while in the bucket & then released him back into the ocean.
We went for a ride on the banana boat, too. Roman didn't have as much fun as I thought h would & Ellie was pretty much terrified the whole time. Anthon had a blast trying to fall off, but not fall off if that makes any sense.
 After we went in for lunch, we decided to go into town & check out the rest of the shops at the market. We didn't stay long because it was hot & VERY humid! We left the market & drove over to another beach (in front of Manny's if you know Rocky Point) & snorkeled there for a bit. There was a TON of reef right off the shore & lots of snails/ hermit crabs & some pretty fish, but nothing like what was at the reef back at the condo. We decided to head back & managed to get a cool treat on the way.
The boys were happy with their Thrifty ice cream
These were Anthon's & my official favorite treat of the trip- PiƱa Colada with fresh pineapple! Oh, SOoooo yummy!
 We headed back down to the beach to get in some more sand, sun, & snorkeling before we had to pack up & head back to reality in the morning.
Sterling cheesing it really hard
Roman & Ellie building sand castles
Sterling tried to steal this ball from a group that was playing just down the beach from us... kinda funny that it's as big as he is!
 We went back down to the beach this morning for a couple hours, but the water was more rough & not nearly as nice as it was yesterday, so we just packed up & headed home. It was the perfect end of summer getaway that we'll have to do again... only next time stay for longer!!


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looks like a lot of fun:) cute suit!!