Sunday, August 19, 2012

1st day of school

Roman started preschool this week & LOVED it! I can't believe he's old enough & it makes me sad to think that my time home with him is rapidly coming to a close, but I'm happy at the same time for him to be so excited about learning & becoming more independent!
He's going to preschool at a lady's house, named Arlene Lunt, on Thursday's & Friday's. I've heard wonderful things about her early readers program & she does a gospel based preschool where everyday they have prayer, say the pledge of allegiance, learn about heroes in the scriptures, learn the importance of being kind to everyone, and other great things like that, along with the "regular" preschool stuff! I'm so excited for Roman and the things he'll get to learn/do this school year!
Here he is all ready to go on his first day! He loves getting to wear a backpack :)
 I got to stay on his first day & do a parent/ teacher orientation, which was nice for Roman to be able to get used to his class while I was there if he needed me. There's a good mix of boys & girls & there happens to be another little boy named Roman in his class... funny, huh?!? Maybe this will help him learn his 1st & last names together ;). He seemed to get a long really well with all the other kids, & is the biggest kid in his class, despite being one of the youngest!
Here he is on day 2... No looking back! He's a pro now!

 Someone else is starting school this week, & that someone is ME... well, & Anthon too :)! Tomorrow will be my 1st official day as a nursing student! I was SUPER anxious/ nervous after I bought all my books, and really started to question my abilities- wondering if I could actually do this...
Seriously, this picture doesn't even do them justice!! They're big, they're heavy, & there are a LOT of them!
But... Anthon & I went to the temple last night and afterwards I felt completely confident, energized, & excited, like "I got this!" I love the scripture Romans 8:31 "... If God be for us, who can be against us?" and I know He's "for me"! He will support me through these next 2 years- especially when I'm not confident, energized or excited anymore, He'll be there for me!
I'm following my dream, & finally, actually feel like I'm progressing toward my goal!
It feels so good :)