Thursday, November 1, 2012


Roman has been loving Super Mario Brothers lately & was delighted at the idea of all of us dressing up as characters! Of course, mine & Anthon's costumes were absolutely ridiculous! One of these days we're going to choose a theme where our costumes won't be completely unflattering, uncomfortable, & hot! Weeks before Halloween Roman would say, "Mom! I'm gonna be Luigi, Sterling's Mario, you Peach, & Daddy gonna be Toad!! It gonna be so great!", so that made it all worth it :)
& It was great! The night before Halloween we went to our church party, ate dinner, played games, jumped in some bounce houses, & had a trunk-or-treat. Here's some photos from that night:
Roman showing off his muscles & Sterling was kind of a grump. I didn't think & used eye liner to draw on their mustaches, so they smeared all over their faces all night!
The one thing Sterling liked at the party was the fishing game, even though he seems pretty unimpressed here!

On actual Halloween night, Anthon had a mid-term, so I got the boys dressed and took them over to my mom's for a little bit, then we met up with Anthon & our friends, the Gibsons, at Anthon's school for their annual Halloween party. After that, we took the boys trick-or-treating at some of Anthon's customer's and got enough candy to kill an entire army of diabetics!
I smartened up this time & used water proof mascara for their mustaches, so they were nice & dark all night long!
 It was a really fun Halloween!! I love the ages our boys are at & how excited they get over the little things!!