Sunday, March 31, 2013


This week we got to take the boys to the Easter Pageant & it was a really fun experience! They loved when the angles would dance & enjoyed seeing the scenes that are depicted in their sacrament book (the gospel picture book)! During the crucifixion scene Roman looked at me very concerned & said, "Why they do that to him?! He's a nice guy!" so I got the opportunity to explain to him that Jesus did it for us. It was a really special experience, but of course left my camera at home & didn't get any decent pictures!
I did better today, though :)! Today has been really nice! Eileen went to church with us (they came down from Show Low this weekend & we did an egg hunt/ picnic with all of Anthon's sibling's yesterday). She sat with the boys while Anthon & I sang with the choir. After church we took a few pictures, made dinner, & just hung out with family the rest of the afternoon. Here are a few of the pictures we got:
This one was taken before church, the rest were taken after. I LOVE the colors of their shirts & ties this year!

 Such handsome boys!