Monday, March 18, 2013

Spring break!!

This past week was my spring break- & oh my was it lovely!! Not that I did anything really special (Anthon worked every day, so we couldn't go anywhere), but just the fact that I didn't have to go to school made it fabulous! Here's a little recap of what we did:
FYI I've gotten really bad at taking pictures with just my cell phone, so the quality isn't wonderful... I'm working on busting out my nice camera more, though!!
We had a little campfire in our backyard for FHE & talked about all our Heavenly Father's creations that we're thankful for. 
Got the boys hair cut, went to lunch, & played in the back yard.

 Sterling was in rare form at lunch (being a total goof ball) & I actually was able to capture it on camera!
While they were playing in the yard, the boys bonked heads (well, Sterling's head hit Roman's eye) and turned into a shiner- Roman's first!
My 29th birthday!!
I spent the morning shopping with the boys for a birthday outfit, then met my mom at Joe's Farm Grill for a fabulous lunch, then came home, put the boys down for a nap, & went to my friend's house to get my hair curled.
 That night a group of about 20 of my family members met to go out to dinner. We originally wanted to go to Texas Roadhouse, but they weren't going to be able to seat us all together so we went across the way to Macaroni Grill & had a lovely dinner!!
I keep waiting for the "birthday depression" to set in each year, but it hasn't happened yet. I think it's because I'm genuinely happy with what I have & where I'm at in life. I'm ready to make the most of my last year in the 20's!!
We went with our friend (& old nanny!) Corinne & her little guy Kamden to the zoo. It was HOT- like 90ยบ- while we were there, so these giant snow cones were necessary!
Since the temperature was rising, Corinne invited us to go swimming with her & Kamden at her apartment. IT was SO fun! The water was a little chilly when we first got it, but felt perfect after that! I was a little nervous that Roman would relapse with his swimming, but thankfully he picked up right where he left off last summer! Sterling, on the other hand, wasn't a fan of the water. Poor kid is so skinny he was shivering non-stop the whole time he was in it, so he spent most of the time sitting on the side, contently watching everyone else swim.
Gwen & her family went to California for their spring break & stopped by for a couple nights! They stayed with us and we had family over both nights- it was so much fun! Saturday we just had pizza & salad and Sunday was St. Patrick's Day so we had the traditional corned beef with veggies. It worked out really well cause the kids were all outside playing the whole time while the adults just visited!
All in all, spring break was great!! Just what I needed to get rejuvenated for the next chunk of school! two more months in school, then I'll have 3 months off!!  Looking forward to my break this summer, that's for sure!!