Sunday, April 21, 2013

Father's & Sons outing

Anthon took Roman to Father's & Sons this past weekend & they had a really fun time! He debated about taking Sterling, but we eventually decided that it would be best to wait another year before he gets to go... he still seems kind of young! Plus, Anthon took our friend's 2 boys since their dad had to work, so his hands were already pretty full! They went up Friday night, had dinner & a camp fire, slept, got up Saturday morning, ate breakfast, went on a little hike, and then headed home. Short & sweet! Anyway, here are the pictures Anthon took of their trip:
Roman on Saturday morning- I love that his belly is showing! Shows how big he's getting- those are size 4 pj's!
All ready for the hike, walking stick & all! I love his goofy expression!
 At the top of the hill, on the radio tower ^ & throwing rocks!
 Teagan, Rayle, & Roman- not sure what they're doing, but the poses are pretty cute!
 View from the top! I love that they have this special tradition every year! I know Roman really enjoys going camping with just his daddy- they get to bond in a way that they can't at home, and I love watching their relationship grow! Such a sweet daddy, & such a darling son!