Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Foreign body removal

Back in November, Roman fell off of a quad & got a little scrape on his hand. The scrape has since grown into the bump you see circled in red. His doctor referred us to a plastic surgeon, who suggested we remove whatever the mass was before it became an issue (by obstructing a nerve or something in his hand). We agreed & today was the big day of surgery!  
We had to be at the hospital by 6am, which means we had to leave the house by 5:30am. Roman was in unusually good spirits despite it being so early!
Well, he was in good spirits until they made him change out of his clothes into purple "girl" clothes and started talking about taking him away from me. Every time I'd talk to him at home about what was going to happen the day of the surgery, he always freaked out about the part when they take him to the OR & I go back tot he waiting room, so I asked the Dr. if they would give him something to help him relax before they took him. They gave him some versed & BOY did it make him relax! He acted like he was drunk- saying the funniest things, slurring his speech, having zero balance! It was hilarious- & definitely made it easier for both of us when they took him back!! When the time came, he just hopped in the little red wagon, laid down and said, "Bye, mom! See you later." like it was no big deal.
 This is him on the versed^ & below is in recovery when he came out of surgery.
 Everything with the surgery went great- turns out the foreign body was a cactus spine. But, when he woke up the anesthesia made him SUPER sick & he couldn't stop vomiting :(. After about an hour of throwing up, they gave him a shot to help calm his belly & he finally stopped vomiting.
 Once he got the shot, he was able to relax & fell asleep. He was snoring SO loud!! After about another hour of observation, they let us go home. He has a few stitches in his hand & a dressing over it, but I learned all about dressing changes this semester so I'm not too worried about it ;). 
As his special reward for being brave he got the helicopter Rescue Bot, Blades, which completed his set. He was SOO excited to have all of them!
He played with them all afternoon & acted like nothing had even happened this morning! I LOVE listening to him play with them! He kept saying phrases like, "Come on, fellas..." & "... Autobots, roll out!" His little imagination is darling!!
I'm so thankful that it's over & behind us! I'm especially thankful  that everything went well & that his little hand won't have any nerve damage!