Friday, April 26, 2013

The end is near.... end of the semester, that is!!

 I haven't blogged too much about this semester, but today was my last day at clinical, so I figured it would be a good time to talk about it. I REALLY enjoyed my clinical group/ instructor & facility this semester! I was at Chandler Regional Hospital and had a lot of opportunities to see/ perform some really cool things!! Ok, maybe to some people watching operations, starting IV's or putting in a Foley catheter isn't that cool but to a 1st year nursing student, it's the COOLEST! I actually felt like I was doing real nursing tasks this semester, instead of just doing the dirty work licensed nurses didn't want to do or being a gopher! And not to brag or anything, but on my exit interview my instructor told me that I was her best student this semester... she may have said that to everyone else in the class (since the reviews were done one-on-one) but it sure made me feel good!
This was on the day I got to go to the OR and watch some surgeries! Super neat to see some operations, but kind of disgusting at the same time!
 This was my FAVORITE day in clinical! My friend, Jenn, & I got to go observe in the ER for the afternoon & saw some super cool things!! This was taken right be fore we watched a central line get put in.
My final is in a little over a week (on Sterling's birthday, to be exact) and this is how I'll be until then- Study, study, study!! Honestly, I'm pretty much OVER this semester- especially fluids & electrolytes!!! But, I think an A is in sight & it would be really awesome if I can get it... Wish me luck!!