Sunday, April 22, 2012

Family Fun Day

I had yesterday off. I'm NEVER off on Saturday's- unless there's something important going on & I take a vacation day. But this weekend I had a 3 day weekend, with no plans with extended family, church, or school... that NEVER happens! So, we decided to enjoy the time together & have a family fun day Saturday! I had a Groupon that was expiring for Ice Den, so we decided that we'd take the boys & go ice skating. It was a BLAST!!
Roman getting all laced up
First time on the ice!
Not quite sure how to balance, but having fun!
He kept looking at my feet while we were skating... "How you do it, mommy?"
Daddy's turn to take him out on the ice!
Roman was really apprehensive about not being able to balance, & Anthon was nervous about falling with him so they got this little "walker" thing to balance with. Roman wasn't really a fan of it...
But Anthon was! So he got himself one for grown-ups!
PS-I love that Anthon doesn't care what people think about him, & that he just has fun!!
Where was Sterling during all the fun?! Enjoying the action from the sidelines :)
Anthon going crazy with his walker-thing
Roman playing in the box while we watched daddy skate
Sweet boys!
 Since we were already in North Scottsdale, we decided me might as well go to Studio Movie Grill for lunch (it's only like 3 miles away from the ice skating rink), so we saw "Mirror, Mirror" while we ate. Sterling was fussy, so I missed about 15 minutes of the beginning while I stepped out to put him to sleep, and then Roman was OVER the show about 20 minutes before it ended (I thought it was going to be more age appropriate than it was, my bad!) so I missed the ending too, but Anthon said it was pretty cute, and I really enjoyed the parts I saw. It was SO fun to spend the day together doing wholesome recreational activities!!
Then, to end the perfect family fun day Anthon & I were able to go on a mini date night to the temple & do a session for our ward temple night, then get some frozen yogurt. SOO fun! We were in desperate need of some quality time together- with our children & by ourselves- so Saturday was perfect! Now, we're refreshed & ready to take on the challenges of life (100ยบ+ weather, finals, the usual). I'm so grateful for our little family! They, each individually, make me so happy and eternally thankful that they are mine!
It has been a fabulous weekend!!


The Gibson's said...

Ice Skating in this weather, what a great idea!!! Need to try out that movie place sometime. I should have snagged the groupon but hopefully it will come around again!!! Love memory making days!!!