Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Sunday

Our Easter was pretty low key, but so NICE! We spent the morning together making breakfast, listening to Rob Gardner's "Lamb of God" (If you haven't heard it, you REALLY need to! I'll let you borrow my CD. The music is so beautiful and it tells the story of our Savior's atonement so perfectly, and focuses on his last days from the perspective of those closest to Him. I'll post a link at the bottom if you wanna check it out!!), & getting ready for church.
Here are the boys all dressed & ready for church

Roman & his Easter basket- Sterling wondering what the fuss is all about

Both checking out their treats

Me: "What cha' eating Romey??"
After church we went & visited Anthon's grandma and then my mom. We decided to try & take a family picture at my mom's since she has pretty grass & trees. This is the best we got...

Then, I tried to get a good shot of each of the boys. Here are my favorites:
Actually smiling AT the camera- this rarely happens :)

Then he noticed all the grapefruit

Sterling thinking he's pretty cool sitting up there all by himself

"K that was fun. Now get me down!"
Ah, I LOVE they 3 guys!!! They are all so very special to me. My life would be incomplete without them! & the fact that they're all sooo cute doesn't hurt either ;)
I love the coordinating purple & grey!!

Anthon, I love you! You are my:
Dream come true. Confidant. Support system. Partner (in crime & fun!). Reassurance. Personal comedian. Motivation. #1 priority. Best friend.
So, Here's the link to the web page for The Lamb of God:
Anthon's favorite song is "I Cannot Watch Them" sung by Peter after his denial. My favorite song is probably (there are SO many good ones) "I am the Resurrection" which is sung after Lazarus is risen from the dead. This production has had such a profound impact on mine & Anthon's lives- We've seen it performed live twice & listen to the CD all the time! It helped me see the Savior and what He did for us more clearly. I respond a lot to music (especially orchestra- probably because I was brought up on Mozart) and the way Rob Gardner composed this piece just speaks to my soul!
I'm forever thankful for a loving Father in Heaven who sent His son, and for His son's willingness to come to earth and do for me what I could never do for myself! The opportunity the apply in atonement in my life is such a priceless gift and I'm humbled to think that my sins caused Jesus pain. I love Him with all my heart. I know he lived and died, and that He lives today!