Monday, March 26, 2012


Well, I survived the flu! & to celebrate we decided to get out of the house Saturday night! There was a carnival set up in the parking lot of the mall that Roman would ask to go to every time we drove by, so we decided to make the carnival our destination for the evening. Roman had a BLAST! He rode on all the kiddie rides several times, like:
Fast car!

Caterpillar roller coaster


Jungle gym


Combination of hot air balloon & tea cups
ok, this ride was the only one he didn't really like. & it was hilarious!
He actually yelled, "Mom, help me!" at one point, so we intervened & had them stop the ride.
 So where was Sterling this whole time, you ask? Just watching all the action, content as he can be!
Man, Anthon is so HOT!
 & we had a little impromptu dance party

Isn't he darling?! Such a happy little guy!
 We ended the night by playing a couple Carni games- the pop a balloon w/ a dart game & the toss a ping pong ball into a fish bowl game. Roman won a little stuffed dog at the balloon dart game & won a fish at the ping pong ball game.
 He was pretty stoked about the fish!!
& I'm happy to report that it's actually still alive! We were sure we'd find it belly up the next morning, but it's still going strong :)