Saturday, March 17, 2012

SpRiNg BrEaK!!

This week has been spring break & even though I didn't get to do a lot of what I was wanting/planning to do (ie. sit on a beach somewhere/clean out my closet & pantry) I still had some fun! Here's a little recap of my break.
I crafted, for the 1st time in way too long!! This is my new favorite head band!
 We went to the zoo. twice!
It was pretty crowded the 1st time we went, but still fun!
Enjoyed some simple things like...
Making brownies
Discovering reflections

 Had several dance parties to THIS song
Roman has some pretty sweet moves ;)

 Watched my favorite boys in the world bond & play

ahhh, don't they just make your heart melt?! They do mine!

 Celebrated my 28th birthday!
The house was packed with my family, but it was SO fun!!
Anthon got me the most AMAZING cake!! It's the strawberry ice cream cake from Cold Stone... try it. Your life will never be the same!

 & did some not-so-spring cleaning! Let me explain... I made the mistake of leaving my delicious chocolate macadamia nuts out that my cousin brought back from Hawaii for me. While I was in the shower, Mr. Sterling devoured them & smeared chocolate all over himself & the carpet!
Ugh, such a little stink... but come on! How cute is he?!
 Thankfully, my friend let me use her carpet steam cleaner, so our floors will look good as new :)
He wasn't happy with me when I took the chocolate away!!
We, also, went swimming one day (which I'm totally bummed I didn't take any pictures of! Then, today I spent the majority of the day at the ER with my mom :( Poor lady! Seems like she's been sick since October & can never quite get over it. Thankfully they admitted her & hopefully they can figure out what the heck is going on & get her back to feeling better soon! Last but not least, Anthon & I went on a date to Studio Movie Grill tonight, ate some super yummy food while watching "This Means War", & laughed ourselves sick! Seriously, I was crying! It felt good to have a good laugh & spend the evening out together!
We don't really have anything else planned for the last 2 days of our spring break- other than teaching my first Sunday school lesson! I was released from being 2nd counselor in the Relief Society last Sunday (I was that for the last 3 years) & got called to teach the 12 & 13 year olds... I'm pretty excited. Think it will be a lot of fun, so wish me luck :)


The Gibson's said...

Sounds like a nice relaxing time. I think I would prefer the relaxing time over the running and none stop we had. Loved that chocolate scowl on Sterling!

Nathi said...

superb pics.

i've started a new blog ..... pls visit ur comments are precious