Saturday, March 3, 2012

Not as Bad as We Thought

Well, we've survived the week I've been dreading- the week of my wisdom tooth getting pulled & Sterling's surgery. My tooth thing... not even a big deal. My new dentist is AH-MAZING! It, honestly, was the most pleasant dental experience of my life. I had to take a test for my statistics class right after getting my tooth pulled & I didn't have any pain at all... until I got home & the Novocaine wore off. Then, I was wishing I was dead! Thankfully, my angelic mother-in-law stayed with us for the week & she took care of the boys, housework, food & sent me to bed. After I woke up- & took a vicodin ;) - it didn't really hurt again.

The next day was Sterling's surgery to correct his hypospadias. It was SOOO much better than I was anticipating. Anthon gave Sterling a blessing that morning, & I felt totally at peace the entire day! We had to wait about an hour longer to go back into pre-op area because the urologist's 1st baby of the day took longer than he anticipated, but we didn't really mind (because if it were our baby he was working on, we'd want him to take all the time he needed)! Once we went back into the pre-op area they had us change him into his little gown & the surgeon, anesthesiologist, & surgical nurses came to talk to us.
 I had been DREADING handing him over to go back to the operating room but when the time came I was totally calm, Sterling was happy to go with them in their toasty warm blankets, & it was all good! The Dr. worked on him for 2 hours, & in the meantime Anthon did homework & I prepared my relief society lesson. Once it was over, the Dr. came out & told us everything went perfectly.
We were able to go back into recovery & they brought Sterling back to us. Man, he was PISSED when he woke up! The anesthesia made him throw up & they did a sacral spinal block (kinda like an epidural, only lower on his back/ top of butt), so he couldn't move or feel his legs & I'm pretty sure he wasn't happy about that. Once I got to nurse him he totally calmed down & went back to sleep (poor kid hadn't eaten since like 6am & he got out of surgery around 2pm)!!
 We brought him home that afternoon & he's been sooo easy I can hardly believe it! He has to wear a catheter until Tuesday & that's pretty much been the source of his meltdowns (ei. If he accidentally tugs on it while we're changing his diaper, or steps on it while he's getting his sponge bath). That & taking his medications- he HATES them!! & he has 4 different ones to take (1 for bladder spasms, 1 for pain, 1 for reflux, & an antibiotic so he doesn't get a UTI) & it's a fight every time to get them down. I CAN NOT WAIT for that thing to come out... neither can he, I bet!! He's only had a few melt downs, but I was anticipating a constant whining, crying, clingy, grouchy baby & he's just not... (I'm pretty sure Roman has cried/ had more melt downs than Sterling this week)!
This was the 1st night after the surgery
& this was him today... looks about the same, aye?!
 Having Anthon's mom here was SOOO nice! The woman is a saint! She is so sweet, patient, & helpful! Roman was a TERROR while she was here & she acted like she didn't even notice. On top of taking care of "the beast", she fixed meals for us, did our laundry, kept our house clean, & picked up our slack in a lot of other areas. I seriously, don't think this experience would have been so easy if it weren't for her help...Eileen, you're the BEST! We're SO thankful for you & we love you! We've truly been blessed throughout this whole experience, & I know it's because of the kindness of others and the powers of the Priesthood & prayer!! I'm so glad to have the surgery behind us and so thankful that Sterling's done so well! Thank you all for your concern & prayers... we have definitely felt it & benefited because of it!


*Katie May* said...

I am so glad everything went so well! I agree Eileen's a keeper :)