Monday, April 9, 2012

Sterling is almost 1 year!!

Sterling turned 11 months old on the 6th & I haven't posted since he was 9 months old, so I have some catching up to do :). He still is as sweet and darling as ever! See for yourself...
 Some of his favorite things are:
#1 Balls- they are his favorite toy! #2 Baths- he LOVES the water!I have a video that is so cute of his kicking, splashing, & laughing hysterically in the bath! I'd share it, but it's not modest at all!

#3- FOOD! HE is the easiest kid to feed! He eats whatever we eat & eats more than Roman does usually. HE loves sitting up by the table with the family
#4 Roman. His brother. His buddy. They play, giggle, & love on each other all day long. It's the cutest!
Some milestones he's reached these last 2 months are:
Sleeping through the night- YAY!!! Finally! He goes down around 8 or 8:30 & sleeps for 12 hours straight. I've been waiting for this since the day he was's glorious!
His 2 front teeth came in the week after he had his surgery, for a total of 4. I LOVE his little bucky beaver teeth- they're so gappy & cute! He hasn't gotten any new ones since, but he's a pro at biting, and loves to chomp down and not let go (he got weaned early from breast feeding because of it)!

He's becoming more confident with standing & walking. He cruises around the furniture and loves to push his little walked or the laundry basket around.
I LOVE this little man!! He just makes us all so happy with his incredibly sweet disposition and patient love for us. He doesn't say much- he babbles a LOT but the only words we can really understand are "No, Dada, Momma, & ball-ball". He HATES getting dressed, having his diaper changed, putting on his shoes, and getting his face/nose wiped off.
I was reading Roman's 10 & 11 month posts to see what he was doing at this age, and in one of them I listed all the nicknames we called him. Some of them I had already forgotten, so I want to write down Sterling's nicknames too, so we'll be sure to remember them. They are: Ster, Stern, Sterkey, Sterling Boy, Lover, Fat-fatty, & brother. It's the cutest when Roman calls him Sterling Boy!!
Next milestone post will be when he's 1 year old :'(... It's gone by too fast!


Nicole said...

He is so cute! Happy first birthday ahead of time!