Sunday, May 26, 2013

A little bit of summer fun

I'm starting to notice Roman getting bored. How? because he does naughty things! For example:
Coloring on his & Sterling's faces! But, I couldn't really get mad because he was so excited to show me what he had done & exclaimed, "Look mom! We're like clowns in the circus!"
Or emptying his entire closet! This was NOT funny, & I did get mad, but I had the perfect punishment for the crime... I made him clean it all up, ALL BY HIMSELF!
Granted, I had to sit in the room & direct him step-by-step, and it took him several hours, but he did it! I think the message sank in, too because he kept saying, "Mom, I not ever gonna do this again! This is so totally hard work!"
 After he started getting so stir crazy/ mischievous at home, we decided we should probably take them to go do something fun! So we spent a day at Basha pool- We've also gone to the library a few times & that helped with the boredom!
 We're leaving on vacation tomorrow, so hopefully he can stay out of boredom induced trouble for a while ;)


*Katie May* said...

Oh my goodness! Way to go making him clean it up :) summers are hard when there is not a lot to do!