Monday, May 6, 2013

The BEST day in a LONG time!!

Today was awesome for 2 reasons!
 1) Anthon & I finished school today &
2) It's Sterling's birthday!!
Time to elaborate on these events!!

1) We survived the semester!!!

This was us last week.
This is us today.
Needless to say, we're pretty relieved that this semester is over- it has been a douzey!! But, even though it was extremely tough, we were blessed SO much!! I know the Lord was helping us every step of the way- we were more organized than we've ever been and were able to figure out the balance between all our commitments so we didn't feel like we were slacking in any area. Oh & did I mention we both got A's?!?! Yes, I got an A in the hardest semester of nursing school!! & yes, Anthon got 4 A's- count 'em, 4!- while working & picking up my slack around the house! Oh yes, the Lord blessed us!! It truly is a miracle & there's no way we can take the credit for it... we can only express our gratitude- it's all because of His tender goodness!! We are SO thankful!!!

 2) Sterling turned 2!!!  

 Last night, Anthon & I carried out our birthday tradition & decorated Sterling's bed. He was so cute when he woke up & saw all the balloons! He just kept, "Ooo-ing" and saying "Balloon!" while pointing to them!
Of course, Anthon & I had to go to school & take our finals, but once we were finished we took him to do a couple fun birthday things.
First we took him to Krispy Kreme to get a birthday donut.
 Then, we took him to the mall to ride the carousel.
His actual birthday party isn't until this Saturday, but we had planned to have Mom come over for dinner, cake, & ice cream. It turned out that most of Anthon's family were down here today, but were going home before Saturday so they all came over to party with us. It was a full house & SO much fun!! I attempted to make him a cute birthday cake, but it wasn't as cute as I had hoped! 
 Thankfully, Sterling didn't care!
He got so many fun presents and was so adorable to watch open them!  
We are SO thankful for this sweet, special little boy! He has all 3 of us wrapped around his finger and our family would not be complete with out him!! Heavenly Father was so incredibly kind to bless us with Sterling and celebrating his birthday was the perfect way to be reminded of just how many blessing we have!!!

Today has been SUCH a good day!!

 We are truly blessed!!