Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Roman has been on a fishing kick lately- he pretends to fish all over the house & has been dying to go for real! Thankfully, Anthon's friend, Justin, is an avid fisherman, so we had a family home evening together & went fishing! We just went to a local man-made lake where they stock the fish, hoping that Roman could catch something (because honestly, how boring is fishing if you don't catch anything?!)
 And boy, did he ever catch something! All the little boys caught a ton of fish & had a blast doing it!! I had fun just watching how excited they would get, sitting in the cool grass, & chatting with Corinne. It was the perfect night for everyone!

 Here are the daddy's with their little boys & fish!
It was such a fun night, watching the boys make childhood memories!! I'm pretty sure this is going to become a fun family tradition for us!