Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day

 It's been a lovely day! I've been able to enjoy my children & reflect on what a blessing it is to be a mother. We did our typical Sunday morning routine- got ready for church and Anthon & the boys made me some really sweet cards! I was SO excited for Roman to sing at church with the primary for the first time, but that didn't work out so well :(. He refused to even go up to the stage, so Anthon went up there with him but he didn't sing... he just cried the whole time! Ah, such is life with toddlers, I guess. They're unpredictable & won't do anything they don't want to do! There's always next year (& every year after that until he turns 12!) to hear him sing mother's day songs to me in sacrament.
Mom Had surgery this past week to repair her left hip& it went really well! It wasn't nearly as extensive of a procedure as they were anticipating & she's recovering really fast! We went to visit her this evening & she was so happy to see all of us! I'm really lucky to have such a great example of patience & faith unwavering for a mother!!
I don't ever want to forget how grateful I feel today to be a mother! It's such a noble calling, & I'm humbled to think how much the Lord trusts me to allow me to care for 2 of his tender little spirits! Next to being Anthon's wife, being a mom is the best part of my life!