Saturday, May 11, 2013

Under the sea birthday party!!

Yesterday was Sterling's birthday party & it was a LOT of fun!! We kept it pretty simple- ate lunch, played outside in the water, opened presents, & had cupcakes.
Here's all the "kid food"

Octo-dogs. Sterling thought they were super cool!
Fruit beach balls
 Snacks- Cheese balls, fruit puffs, & goldfish

 Sterling was so excited when he saw his cupcakes! I realized with Roman's birthday party that buying the cupcakes was SO much easier than trying to make them or a cake myself! They bake & frost them perfectly, and all I have to do is add a little decorations & a candle :)

 The magnet board with all his pictures on it over the last 2 years and party favors for his guests. We gave them a little sand bucket with a shovel, rake, beach ball, sun glasses, & shark fruit snacks. They were a hit!

 After lunch, we moved the party outside! We had the slide into the pool for the older kids, a inflatable splash pad for the toddlers (which they all hated!), water balloons, side walk chalk, & bubbles. The weather was perfect- Not too hot for us parents, but not to cold for the kids to play in the water!
 Some of the party-goers :) Kelly with Livvi and Michele with baby Ryan and Grant.
 Grant loving the bubble machine
 Here they are singing "Happy Birthday" to Sterling... he loved it!
 Cup cake & present time!! He was a fan of the cupcakes and loved opening his present!
He got some fun Lego's, a fast car, some water toys, and some motorcycles (his favorite!)
It was such a fun day & I'm glad Sterling had a good time! He's such a sweet kid & I'm so thankful he's mine!!


*Katie May* said...

So cute and creative Ashleigh! Ok I have to ask... Where did you buynthe ruby red squirt? I am always trying to find it, its my fav!