Sunday, April 29, 2012

Father's & Sons

Anthon took Roman to his very first Father's & Sons outing this weekend, & they had a lot of fun! He was going to take both boys, but decided since Sterling can't walk yet, it might be kinda hard to take him, plus we thought it would be good for him & Roman to have some one-on-one time alone, for a change!
Friday, they left around 4ish, got to camp &:
Caught lizards & bugs.
Roasted hot dogs!
Here's Roman with his 2 little friends Wyatt & Quintin
Then played soccer before bed
 I have to write about Friday night, so I never forget! Anthon called me when they were going to sleep & said Roman needed to talk to me. Roman gets on the phone & I hear him sniffling like he's crying. Our conversation goes as follows:
Me: What's the matter, Romey??
R: I need a cuddle with you!
M: Oh, buddy I'm sorry! But Daddy can cuddle you- he's a really good cuddler!
R: I know, but I need your HAIR!!
M: Aww, I sorry. Well, do you want Daddy to sing you the Romey song?
R:Yeah, does he know it?!?
M: Of course, he knows it, Buddy!
Anthon told me to just sing it to him over the phone, so I did & he went to sleep- no problem! It was so pathetic & sweet, but made me feel really good that he still loves/needs me :)

 Saturday morning, they woke up, ate breakfast & went for a hike
Is this not the cutest shot!! I'm so proud of Anthon for catching it!
They got to climb to the top of a lookout tower once they got to the top of their hike
They saw some really cool views
Then they hiked back, packed up, & headed home
  I'm so glad they got to go & spend some time doing things they love together! It's such a special bond, between father & son, and I love when they have special opportunities to strengthen their bond!


The Gibson's said...

Ok that picture of Roman sitting in the chair is wonderful. He looks like he is years older and like come on DAD I am BORED let's get going. Too cute!!!